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Triple A Muffler - Suspension systemYour vehicle’s suspension system serves two primary purposes:

1. helping you stay in control of your vehicle holding and handling road conditions and thereby the safety of your vehicle and passengers.
2. maximizing driver and passenger comfort while minimizing bumps, vibrations and noise.

Warning Signs that there may be a suspension system problem:
     Fluid leakage from shock or strut bodies
     Dented or damaged shock or strut bodies
     Worn or broken mounts or bushings
     Uneven tire wear
     Swaying or leaning on turns
     Nose dips when you apply brakes
     Bouncing after hitting road bumps
     Bumpy or shaky ride
     Stiff or noisy steering

The useful life of a shock or strut is roughly 50,000 miles. Shocks and struts are integral components of the suspension system and their wear has a very real impact on the safety of your vehicle. Triple A Muffler can help ensure your safety by keeping your suspension system in tip top shape. Evaluation of steering and suspension components performed by an ASE-Certified mechanics.


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